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Consider hiring a private guide to take you on some locally-favorite beautiful roads this county is famous for. Have the security of a skilled local rider at your side to fix a flat, show you some secret routes, favorite hangouts and other exciting aspects of Sonoma County riding. Guides generally charge $20/hr. Here are our trusty guides…


andy with beer2 After retiring from a successful chemical sales career, Andy was looking to pursue his passion for riding his bike in Sonoma and Napa Counties. As an avid bike rider and bike commuter, he was looking for a way to pair his love of bicycle touring with his knowledge of Northern California history along with the beauty of Sonoma and Napa Counties, so that he could share it with friends and family. When he is not taking guests on bike tours you can find him riding the roads of Sonoma and Napa taking part in a few Brevets or in the kitchen working on perfecting his culinary skills.


steve2 Steve is a strong rider. He takes part in many of the Brevets we have around here and he definitely knows how to ride fast and ride far. He also is an avid kayaker and hiker. As a member of the Santa Rosa Cycling Club and San Francisco Randonneurs he rides frequently and long distances. A 2013 California Triple Crown winner, he averaged 6-8000 miles a year on his bike. He is also one of the most upbeat and easy-going people you will ever meet.
Some of Steve’s wild history:
2010 he toured across the United States via the Northern Tier with his dog, Trixie. Check out his blog. His motto for cycling and for living: “It’s all good – let’s have fun!”


LIZ SINNA Liz is always good company on a ride, or off, and is a dedicated athlete. In 2012 she completed 5 double centuries along with 30 more full-century rides. She’s dialed it back some since then but still has the mojo to go. Currently she rides with the Colavita Norcal Cycling Team and leads a lot of group rides through our local bike club (Santa Rosa Cycling Club). She is also a Personal Trainer, so if you want to work-out with someone before or after a ride then Liz would be an ideal guide.


 silvano If you want to ride with a fast and tireless climber then Silvano will set that pace. His cycling is always that of a dedicated professional. Currently on loan from Italy (hope we get to keep him) where he raced mountain bikes before moving here. Silvano has worked for, and continues to work with many bicycle racing teams such as Cannondale, Bissel and BMC. In the short time he has been here he has travelled more roads than most who have lived here their entire life. Don’t be intimidated by his abilities though because he is comfortable riding at any pace and is always good company.

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